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ID Model Year Emissions Description Hours Sell Price
4497 375HHAF 2011TIER3375 CFM 80-200 PSI AIR COMPRESSOR2990.1$25,700.00
4425 PDS400S 2010FLEX2400 CFM 100 PSI AIR COMPRESSOR1818.9$18,770.00
5326 PDS400S 2014FLEX3400 CFM 100 PSI AIR COMPRESSOR1954.0$31,880.00
6276 M125 2018TIER4405-342 CFM, 100-205 PSI AIR COMP TIER499.0$59,990.00
4501 900HAF 2011TIER3900 CFM 85-150 PSI AIR COMPRESSOR2133.0$59,900.00
5013 900HAFV4I 2012INTR4900 CFM 85-150 PSI INTR4 AIR COMPRESS1558.4$79,940.00
5930 DF1600PHCU3AFW 2016FLEX31600 CFM 85-150 PSI AIR COMPRESSOR2470.8$220,000.00
5254 DCA25SSIU3 2013INTR422KW/ 25 KVA 3/1PH-14KW GEN9117.2$11,500.00
5226 DCA25SSIU4F 2013TIER422KW/ 25 KVA ENV-4F GEN 3/1PH-14KW2460.5$21,840.00
5695 DCA45SSIU4F 2015TIER436KW/ 45 KVA ENV-4F GEN 3/1PH-26KW9046.7$22,400.00
4680 DCA85USJ2 2011TIER375KW/ 85 KVA ULTRA GEN 3/1PH-60KW10571.6$23,700.00
4868 DCA125SSIU 2012FLEX3110KW/ 125 KVA 3/1PH-72KW GEN12179.6$33,900.00
4968 DCA125SSIU 2012FLEX3110KW/ 125 KVA 3/1PH-72KW GEN15783.9$28,000.00
5050 DCA125SSJU4I 2013INTR4110KW/ 125 KVA ENV-4I 3/1PH-72KW GEN8567.8$34,900.00
4713 DCA150USJ2 2011FLEX3130KW/ 150 KVA ULTRA 3/1PH-87KW GEN13000.3$27,860.00
4947 DCA220SSCUPB B 2012INTR4194KW/ 220 KVA 3PH,240/480V 4I GEN8220.1$77,700.00
4291 DCA250SSIZ 2009TIER3220KW/ 250 KVA 3/1PH-144 KW GEN6782.3$56,740.00
4494 DCA300SSCU 2011TIER3264KW/ 300 KVA 3PH,240/480V GEN6827.9$71,500.00
5024 MQP240 2012FLEX3264KW/ 300 KVA 3PH,240/480V GEN4131.3$92,500.00
5025 MQP240 2012FLEX3264KW/ 300 KVA 3PH,240/480V GEN3586.9$100,800.00
4739 DCA300SSCU2PB B 2012INTR4264KW/ 300 KVA 3PH,240/480V 4I GEN2772.4$98,000.00
4740 DCA300SSCU2PB B 2012INTR4264KW/ 300 KVA 3PH,240/480V 4I GEN3593.0$89,900.00
4940 DCA300SSCU2PB B 2012INTR4264KW/ 300 KVA 3PH,240/480V 4I GEN2159.7$99,900.00
4954 DCA300SSCU2PB B 2012INTR4264KW/ 300 KVA 3PH,240/480V 4I GEN2466.3$99,900.00
4652 NLPROII 2011TIER45000 WATT LIGHT TOWER,4-1250W1942.4$4,900.00
4741 NLPROII 2012TIER45000 WATT LIGHT TOWER,4-1250W2341.2$4,400.00
4752 NLPROII 2012TIER45000 WATT LIGHT TOWER,4-1250W4251.2$3,970.00
5135 NLPROII 2013TIER45000 WATT LIGHT TOWER,4-1250W5096.2$3,480.00
5144 NLPROII 2013TIER45000 WATT LIGHT TOWER,4-1250W4737.7$3,480.00
4646 NLPROIIV 2011TIER45000 WATT "V" LIGHT TOWER,4-1250W2859.9$5,400.00

All units are subject to prior rental or sale. Pricing shown typically includes trailer. Prices do not include any asset management / tracking equipment, if installed. Description and prices may change without notice. All prices are U.S. dollars, Net Cash, plus applicable taxes. Permits, licenses, fuel, and installation are not included. Drawings or photographs are not of a specific unit and are for general reference only. Contact our rental department for current pricing and status. *Year. is the calendar year placed in service.

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