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Single Phase Rental Generators

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Associated Power has a full range of dedicated single phase output generators (240/120V) vs. (208/120V), although 120V single phase power can be derived from 208/120V three phase systems which handle up to 3 individual 120V circuits; there are occasions when TRUE single phase power is required, such is the case when both the 240V and the 120V outputs are required simultaneously with no compromise in the line to line voltage level.  Read More

NOTE: MQ Power three phase generators 25kVA through 150kVA, (units with three position selectable cam-switch) also have single phase output capability by selecting 240/120V position... these generators range from 14.4kW to 86kW single phase output.

For larger single phase power requirements the DCA-250SSIZ can produce up to 600 Amps at 240V (144kW). These generator are ideal for electrical utility work where 120/240V is required. 

View Single Phase 10kW to 56kW Spec Chart

Amperage Quick Reference By kW (240/120V)

  • 10kW (41.7 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 15kW (62.5 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 20kW (83.3 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 35kW (145.0 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 36kW (150.0 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 56kW (233.0 Amps 2 Wire)

See More Single Phase Units Below

  • 14.4kW (60.0 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 26.0kW (108.0 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 40.3kW (168.0 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 60.0kW (250.0 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 72.0kW (301.0 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 87.0kW (361.0 Amps 2 Wire)
  • 144.0kW (600.0 Amps 2 Wire)