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Diesel Exhaust Emissions

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The Environmental Protection Agency
Clean Air and Diesel Engines

Since the inception of the USEPA "or just EPA for short" nearly 40 years ago... there have been many mile stones reached towards cleaner air, however never before has there been more leaps and bound forward in such a short period of time as the decade now past from 1998-99 to 2009; more so than ever, the past 10 years has produced new technologies for the Diesel engine market the likes of which we have never seen before.

Moving up through the "Tier's" (i.e. Tier1, Tier2, Tier3, Interim Tier4 and Final Tier4) along with the advent of series turbo-charging, turbo-compounding, cooled EGR, high pressure common rail fuel systems and a variety of exhaust after treatment devices; all driven by a host of complex electronic controls... the workhorse of industries worldwide; the Diesel engine has become many times cleaner than it was just 10 years earlier with NOx and PM emissions reductions a full 98% lower since the 1988 model year, nearly half of that reduction occurring from 1998 to present.

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