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MQ Power, Model DCA-70SSJU / SSI, WhisperWatt AC Generator Set, 56 / 60 KW, 208-240 / 480 volt, 3 phase
or 40.4 KW, 120 / 240 volt - 1 phase, 1800 RPM, John Deere or Isuzu diesel engine, auto start, electronic governor, sound enclosure, 67 dB(A) at 23 feet. 39.6 gal. unit tank, trailer mounted with auxiliary 170 gal. diesel fuel tank.

70 kVA Whisperwatt Generator
Unit IDYearModelEquipment DescriptionHoursCurrent PriceSpecial Price
4692 11DCA70SSIU2 60KW/ 70 KVA 3/1PH-40KW GEN 3802.8$25,960.00$24,900.00
4710 11DCA70SSIU2 60KW/ 70 KVA 3/1PH-40KW GEN 11776.1$17,970.00$17,470.00
4898 12DCA70SSIU2 60KW/ 70 KVA 3/1PH-40KW GEN 5846.3$23,770.00$22,800.00

MQ Power, Model DCA-70USI, Ultra WhisperWatt AC Generator Set, 56 / 59 KW, 208-240 / 480 volt, 3 phase or
40 KW, 120 / 240 volt,1 ph., 1800 RPM, Isuzu diesel engine, sound enclosure, auto start, electronic governor,
61 dB(A) at 23 feet. 103 gal. unit tank with secondary containment, dual axle trailer with surge brakes.

70 kVA Whisperwatt Generator

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MQ Power

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